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Our resident haemorrhoids surgeons offer private treatment for haemorrhoids and other conditions at a choice of clinics in London. We specialise in minimally invasive techniques such as the Raefelo treatment as well as banding/injections. This means that clients can return home on the same day with no need for an overnight stay. 

Services At Our Haemorrhoids Clinic

One of the services that our patients use us for is haemorrhoids. We are one of the most well known London haemorrhoids services. If you have been searching for a Haemorrhoids clinic for yourself or a loved one, take a look at our private piles treatment options. One of the treatments we employ is called Rafaelo treatment. It takes about 30-45 minutes at our haemorrhoids treatment centre. You are able to walk again in a little time. This is a radiofrequency treatment which heats the piles, causing them to shrink and seal off. Although this is a new technique, it has over a 90% success rate. It’s also a one-off treatment so you don’t have to keep coming in for checkups and so on, once it’s done.

Another way to treat haemorrhoids is banding. This is quite a common solution whereby a tiny rubber ligature is set around the piles and this cuts off the blood supply. As you can imagine, as these piles are no longer being fed, they tend to simply shrivel up and fall away. 

A third option is injections of a special substance which will cause the piles to shrink and then collapse. This can prevent further bleeding and wounds opening up and also, provide comfort for sitting and lying. 

With a consultant haemorrhoids surgeon available, then you can rest assured you are in good hands. If you want to know more about haemorrhoids treatments and the recovery phase thereafter, speak to one of our professionals either by phone, email or in-person. 

Contacting Us

We are a specialist clinic based in Harley Street, known all around the world for it’s specialist healthcare services. We offer private, pain-free, fast recovery solutions for all our patients and are proud to be known to be one of the most affordable too.

If you would like to know more about our services and treatments for haemorrhoids and related skin conditions such as skin tags and anal fissures, then please contact us today.

We’ve been practicing and trusted by our patients for over 18 years. If you want to avoid NHS waiting lists and need urgent and excellent care at great value prices, contact us today. 

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