Lumps & Bumps

It is not very common to have lumps and bumps in and around the anal canal area. However, common conditions such as haemorrhoids can cause anal skin tags in this area which can often be a concern cosmetically as well as for hygiene.

Other causes that can cause some lumpiness in the anal area are anal warts these tend to be different from anal skin tags in that they are often a bit harder and a bit rougher in nature and there are numerous in number and often spread around the anal canal as well as onto the surrounding perianal area.

Other potential lumps at the anal canal could include a anal cancer or potentially other skin pathology. Other skin pathology such as small cysts or an anal fistula can sometimes cause some irregularity in the skin lastly the other issues that can sometimes cause pain and swelling around the anal canal is what is commonly known as an anal abscess or a pineapple pilonidal abscess which is often due to most commonly caused in men due to an ingrown hair often these need to be treated with multiple courses of antibiotics and in certain cases needs surgical removal for incision and drainage. This can often be quite complicated in nature and require an expert colorectal opinion

Frequently asked questions – anal/rectal lumps and bumps

How do I remove lumps and bumps in the anal area?

At the London haemorrhoid clinic, we specialise in removing lumps and bumps in the anal perinatal and genital areas. These are often attributed to skin tags, warts or other skin lesions and are simply removed using radio surgery and a local anaesthetic. Most treatments take half an hour and you can carry on your normal activities immediately afterwards.

What home remedies can I use for anal lumps and bumps

It is not appropriate to use home remedies or suggestions from Google until there has been an actual diagnosis of these lumps and bumps, just in case it is something more sinister, such as a anal cancer.

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