If you suspect that you have haemorrhoids, or any other condition that affects the anus/bottom area, then the first step is to have a proper consultation with a medical professional who specialises in this area.

Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step to understanding what treatments are necessary, whether that is simple lifestyle changes or a minor surgical procedure to sort out the issue.

There’s no need to feel embarrassed. Every year we see a great many patients who have been uncomfortable with their symptoms.

  • You may feel discomfort sitting down, standing up or both.
  • You may experience bleeding from your bottom, especially after going to the toilet

Firstly, it is very important to rule out any serious illness, such as a form of bowel or colonic cancer, as this would require urgent treatment.

If you have haemorrhoids, anal fissures or anal skin tags, then these issues are less serious from a medical perspective and treatment is less available on the NHS, but there ARE options within our private clinic.

haemorrhoids banding

Book a consultation at the London Haemorrhoid Clinic and you’ll meet our highly experienced Colorectal Consultant, Mr Alex von Roon MB CHB PHD FRCS. He specialises in diagnosing and treating a full range of colorectal conditions, working for the NHS alongside his private practice.

Your consultation will include:

  • Discussion of your symptoms
  • How it is affecting your daily life
  • Results of any past treatment, medications or lifestyle changes that you’ve tried to alleviate symptoms
  • Relevant medical history
  • Examination and assessment of the anus

We understand that this can be embarrassing, but rest assured, our team are highly professional, discrete and experienced. If you wish to bring a friend or relative to accompany you that’s fine.

Depending on the circumstances, you might also be advised to have a protoscopy. This is an internal assessment of the anus/rectum using a special instrument. There is no need for a referral, as we have all the necessary equipment and expertise at our clinic, so a protoscopy can be carried out with minimal inconvenience.

There is an additional cost for protoscopy unless it is part of a follow up appointment. See our pricing information.

Treatment Recommendations

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort from anal fissures or haemorrhoids, it is always best to seek medical help as soon as possible. Once our Colorectal Surgeon has fully assessed you, he will then be able to make recommendations for treatments. For some people, it may be a simple case of medications such as stool softeners, topical anaesthetics (to numb the area), and muscle relaxants for a short time. However, most of our clients have already tried remedies such as topical relief gels and changes to improve their bowel habits. In such cases, a simple procedure may be the best course of action in order to correct the problem. Your consultation will include full discussion of the options together with the costs involved.
With the right treatment, most people can make a full recovery and enjoy relief from their symptoms. However, if left untreated, these conditions tend to get worse and may lead to further complications. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about this condition.

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