Anal Fissures Treatment

An anal fissure – commonly occurring due to constipation – can be extremely uncomfortable for those who are suffering from them, which is why it’s crucial to seek help for this issue as soon as possible.

At our state-of-the-art private Harley Street clinic, Mr. Alex Von Roon, our highly regarded colorectal surgeon, will treat you and ensure you are pain-free quickly and professionally after a consultation and proctoscopy. Anal fissures treatment is a day case with no overnight stay in London required. 

Anal fissure treatment has been revolutionised by new prescription creams which will help relax the anal sphincter muscle, as well as novel treatments such as Botox which can help resistant cases.

Why Anal Fissure Removal Is Necessary 

When the skin lining the interior of the anus tears, the muscle underneath it might spasm. This further closes the anus, making it more uncomfortable and difficult to release your bowels, especially if you are constipated. You may also notice that you pass blood and have a painful anus after each bowel movement for a few hours.

Some fissures heal on their own, and this process can be aided by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and staying hydrated to prevent constipation. If they do not heal on their own, surgery may be required.

Other triggers for an anal fissure, in addition to constipation, include inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, recurrent diarrhoea, having tight sphincter muscles, pregnancy and delivery and sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis or herpes.

Before The Procedure 

Firstly, you will meet with Mr von Roon for a consultation. During this time, you will be able to discuss your medical history, symptoms, and any concerns you may have. We will also discuss if more diagnostic testing, such as protoscopy, scans or blood tests, is required. Any extra fees will be communicated before any more tests are performed.

Preparing For Anal Fissure Treatment

We’ve made every effort to make your time with us as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Our professional staff will provide you with personalised guidance to help you prepare for your stay. Anal fissure removal is carried out in our clinic as a day case, so it is surprisingly straightforward and comfortable. 

Anal Fissure Treatment

Anal fissure treatment options depend on the size and position of the anal tear. Simple treatments such as prescription creams called Diltiazem cream help to relax the sphincter muscles to allow the wound to heal. The cream is normally used twice daily for up to 6 weeks and will help to settle mild to moderate anal fissures. Should a trial of the Diltiazem cream not work sufficiently, then we can administer Botox injections into the area without any discomfort whilst you are awake. This safe and harmless procedure can have up to 80% cure rate.

Your Aftercare

As most of our fissure treatments are non surgical you will be asked to make sure you keep a high fibre diet and not to eat things that may cause constipation as well as keep well hydrated to ensure you have soft easy bowel motions and try not to strain.

The diltiazem cream is applied morning and evening around the anal margin for 6 weeks. 

Should you require a Botox injection to help speed up the healing of the anal fissure the good news is there is no pain or bleeding afterwards and you can carry on your normal activities. Botox injections can take up to 6 weeks to have the full effect and if you are still symptomatic after this period you can always have the Botox for anal fissures repeated.

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